The Art of Synergy team has years of experience working in diverse events, and we understand the dynamics of various nightclub markets. Corporates acts do not work as well in nightclubs.

To better address this unique market, we have created speciality acts, incorporating high-class cirque performance, specifically designed to fit the club atmosphere. This type of entertainment will make the clubbing experience unique for the occasion.

The element acts are more aligned to a nightclub atmosphere: these acts are performed a few times during the course of the event, spread out across the venue, and with varying poses. They are not as dynamic as a corporate performance. 

If you are the owner of a club, venue or you need to launch a product in a club; we will make the event an incomparable and exceptional experience for your guests. 

THE COST of element acts depends on the requirements of the client. To facilitate a quote, we will require more information regarding the client needs, type of event, objectives, etc.

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