Directors and Managers


Zain Reddiar
Director Zain is an executive for a conglomerate in the telecommunications sector. Zain is a dynamic, innovative professional with excellent executive, strategic management, human resources, business and people skills.
He has vast experience in the field of consulting, with particular emphasis on project implementation. Zain has led projects from inception and methodology, through to implementation, and thrives on client interaction. He is highly results driven, and his industry experience spans four continents.
Zain has a passion for the arts; he has a vision to see the world of art being expanded and embedded throughout South Africa. He acts as an advisor in the development of Art of Synergy.
Natalie Roberts Riveros Vargas 
Director Natalie is a professional aerial performer and contemporary dancer. Natalie has a certificate in events management and over 10 years’ experience in the management of a performance company, and has an extraordinary ability to integrate circus arts and dancing.
She was invited by Cirque du Soleil in 2004 and 2007 to represent South Africa at the Oxfam International Youth Partnership (OIYP) event as a performer and facilitator.
She has accumulated incredible knowledge of aerial cirque techniques and performing, making her an invaluable member of the Art of Synergy team. Natalie is the choreographer and artist manager for Art of Synergy.
She develops the skills of the company artists and enhances their performance quality.
Carl Isernhinke
Director Carl is an investment portfolio manager, who has in worked with a number of high-profile listed financial services companies. Carl has an extensive background in the financial sector.
He began his career as a derivatives and quantitative analyst for an actuarial consultancy. He then created and built up asset management systems for several financial services companies. He won the Bond Exchange Spire Award for innovation, for the creation of the first Bond ETF.
Carl is involved in setting up the systems for Art of Synergy, and merging the art of cirque with the business market. He creates guidelines on processes where the business can meet the interests of our artists and customers.
Orlando Riveros Vargas
Manager Orlando is a professional circus artist with 20 years’ experience in performing, rigging, and managing events. He is an entrepreneur with a vision of making circus arts accessible to everyone. Orlando was formally trained in circus performing arts at the Circo Del Mundo school in Chile. He performed in many countries around the world, and moved to South Africa in 2006.
Having performed in many shows in South Africa, including Madam Zingara, he formed his first company, SircuSynergy, in 2008, together with Natalie Riveros Vargas, before creating Art of Synergy in 2015.
He has excellent business and people skills and is passionate about social development. Orlando oversees the management of Art of Synergy. He manages the logistics of the venue and external events, and focuses on creating a culture of service for clients.
Michelle Fok 
Manager Michelle has an academic background in architecture and public health. In 2012, she completed a Bachelors degree in Architecture at the University of Pretoria. She also has a Bachelors degree (2015) and honours degree (2016) in Public Health from Monash South Africa.
Michelle has always been intrigued by the social development of children. During her university years, she directed a social development project – Monash Saturday School – which taught basic numeracy and literacy skills to underprivileged children.
Her honours thesis was dedicated to researching the positive effects of the circus on HIV-positive children. In 2014, Michelle began training with Art of Synergy. In 2016, she became more involved in the administrative side of the studio, assisting with the management of events and logistics.
And by 2017, she is now completely integrated into the circus lifestyle, being the link between clients and artists, and ensuring that all the elements are in place to make our services more efficient and unique. She is also manages the social development aspect of Art of Synergy.